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Edictum Rothari
law history

Edictum Rothari

law history
Alternative Title: Edict of 643

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laws evolution

  • Euric
    In Germanic law

    …had similar functions, while the Edictum Rothari (643) applied to Lombards only.

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Liutprand’s revision

  • In Liutprand

    Liutprand emended King Rothari’s Edict of 643, which served as the code of Lombard law; his revision added 153 articles and abolished the guidrigild, a fine of money, like the Germanic wergild, levied to compensate for personal injury or murder.

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Lombard law and customs

  • Italy
    In Italy: The Lombard kingdom, 584–774

    …out Lombard custom, in his Edict of 643, a substantial law code that survives independently. It is evident, however, that the basic institutions of the kingdom were by then fairly stable. Between 616 and 712 the Bavarian dynasty—the family of Agilulf’s wife, Theodelinda—dominated the succession; kings who were not members…

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