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Question: What is the first-person plural pronoun in Hindi?
Answer: Hum is the first-person plural pronoun in Hindi. In English, it is "we."
Question: What language did the ancient Britons speak?
Answer: The language of the ancient Britons was Celtic, and it survives in modern Welsh, which is still the language of Wales.
Question: Which language did the Norman Conquest introduce to England?
Answer: The Norman Conquest of 1066 brought in Norman French.
Question: In what language are the alpha and omega the first and last letters?
Answer: In Greek, alpha is the first letter of the alphabet and omega the last. There are 24 letters in the language.
Question: What is the formal pronoun in German?
Answer: In formal German, "Sie" is used to address someone who is not a close friend or family member.
Question: From which language do the words algebra, sugar, and zero come?
Answer: Among the common English words that have come from Arabic are: alcohol, algebra, alkali, almanac, arsenal, assassin, cipher, elixir, mosque, naphtha, sugar, syrup, zenith, and zero.
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