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Question: Which of these cheeses comes originally from Italy?
Answer: Gorgonzola originated in an Italian town of that name, located in the province of Lombardy.
Question: Which of these is a kind of cheese?
Answer: Paneer is a simple kind of cheese eaten in many parts of India.
Question: From what country does cheddar cheese originally come?
Answer: Cheddar cheese originally comes from northwestern England.
Question: From what country does Stilton cheese originally come?
Answer: Stilton cheese originally comes from north-central England. Only a few dairies there are licensed to make it.
Question: Which of these is not a kind of cheese?
Answer: Yogurt is a semifluid fermented milk food with a smooth texture and a mildly sour flavor. It can be made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, camels, or water buffalo.
Question: Where might you be most likely to find Murcia al vino cheese in the market?
Answer: Murcia al vino is a fragrant goat cheese that comes from Murcia, a province in southeastern Spain.
Emmenthaler. Slice of swiss cheese on a white background.

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