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Question: What British rock band pioneered the use of the light show?
Answer: A "psychedelic" rock band, Pink Floyd began to use light shows in its act in 1967. Today the lights include laser beams.
Question: What was the world’s first "rock opera"?
Answer: Tommy, by The Who, was released in 1969. Hair was a rock musical, but did not style itself as a "rock opera."
Question: What was the first rock song to become famous around the world?
Answer: Country artist Bill Haley and his band the Comets had an international hit in 1955 with their rock song "Rock Around the Clock." Elvis Presley and other rock artists soon followed.
Question: What is the fundamental rhythmic characteristic of rock ’n’ roll?
Answer: Rock songs usually put a heavy accent on beats two and four, typically on the drummer’s snare drum.
Question: Who was the first rock-and-roll superstar?
Answer: Elvis Presley was the first rock-and-roll superstar. He became popular in the mid-1950s and introduced rock music to many listeners.
Question: What are the instruments in a classic three-piece rock band?
Answer: The guitar voices chords, the bass plays low notes that propel a song’s chord progression, and the drums provide rhythm.
Question: What is the lead instrument in most rock ’n’ roll bands?
Answer: The amplified, or "electric guitar," made it possible for the guitar to become the lead instrument in pop music during the 1950s and 1960s.
Publicity still of Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock in 1957. (cinema, movies, motion pictures, film)

Rock Music and Rock ’n’ Roll

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Rock Music and Rock ’n’ Roll
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