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Question: From what country did composer Antonio Carlos Jobim come?
Answer: Jobim (1927–1997) was a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He wrote the famous bossa nova song "The Girl from Ipanema."
Question: In what city did the Motown label begin?
Answer: The Motown Record Corporation was founded in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. The nickname for the city was "Motor City" or "Motor Town"—thus Motown, in short.
Question: Which of these musicians is a native of Northern Ireland?
Answer: Van Morrison was born in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, and formed his first band, Them, there in the mid-1960s.
Question: Which of these musicians is not a native of Georgia?
Answer: Bruce Springsteen was born in Freehold, New Jersey, on September 23, 1949. The other musicians were born in Georgia.
Question: Where is the band AC/DC from?
Answer: AC/DC was formed in the mid-1970s in Sydney, Australia.
Question: From what country does the musical group U2 come?
Answer: U2 was formed in the 1970s in Dublin, Ireland.
Question: From what country does the band Rush come?
Answer: Rush is a band from Canada. It formed in Toronto in 1968.
Question: From what country does the band Oasis come?
Answer: Oasis formed in Manchester, England, in 1991.
Question: In what country was Kesha born?
Answer: Kesha Rose Sebert, known as Kesha, was born in Los Angeles, California, a city in the United States.
Question: Which of these rock bands is from Iceland?
Answer: Sigur Ros formed in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1994.
Beach. Sand. Ocean. Vacation. Sunset casts an orange glow over Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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