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Question: Planetary scientists are mostly physicists.
Answer: Most planetary scientists are space geologists. They study the land forms on other planets using data from satellites and other forms of remote observation.
Question: Heavier objects fall more rapidly than light objects.
Answer: Galileo Galilei, the Italian scientist, showed that both heavy and light objects fall at the same rate, each at 9.75 meters per second.
Question: The first Nobel Prize winner in physics was Wilhelm R?ntgen.
Answer: In 1901 R?ntgen won the first Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the X-ray.
Question: Isaac Newton was inspired to think about gravity by watching an apple fall.
Answer: Just outside Newton’s room at Cambridge University stood an apple tree that inspired his work on gravity. A descendant of that tree stands in the same place today.
Question: When a racket hits a ball, the force exerted by the racket is greater than the force exerted by the ball.
Answer: By the law of action and reaction, the force of the ball on the racket and the force of the racket on the ball are equal.
Question: Space-time involves four dimensions.
Answer: In modern physics, the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time form the four-dimensional construct called space-time.
11:058-59 Newton, Sir Isaac: An Apple, An Idea, portrait of Isaac Newton; apple falls from tree and hits him on the head; gravity of sun and planets

Physics: Fact or Fiction?

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Physics: Fact or Fiction?
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