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Question: He was in charge of the SS.
Answer: He was considered the second most powerful person in the Third Reich.
Question: He founded the anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer.
Answer: A personal favorite of Hitler, he was one of the most virulent advocates of the persecution of Jews.
Question: He oversaw the SA but was ordered murdered by Adolf Hitler in 1934.
Answer: The Storm Troopers became hugely powerful under R?hm, who came to be seen as a rival to Hitler.
Question: In 1941 he secretly flew to Scotland to negotiate peace between Germany and Britain.
Answer: He was held as a prisoner of war by England and later sentenced to life in prison.
Question: He was head of the Luftwaffe, the German air force.
Answer: He was regarded as Hitler’s most loyal supporter.
Question: He was known as the “Butcher of Lyon.”
Answer: As head of the Gestapo in Lyon, he was responsible for the death of some 4,000 people.
Question: After the war, he escaped from a prison camp and settled in Argentina before being captured by Israeli agents and later hung.
Answer: He was largely responsible for implementing the “final solution.”
Question: He was the SS lieutenant whom Adolf Hitler called “the man with the iron heart.”
Answer: He played a key role in organizing the Holocaust and was later killed by Czech agents.
Question: He was Hitler’s chief architect.
Answer: He was also minister of armaments and war production.
Question: After Adolf Hitler committed suicide, this man served as chancellor of Germany for one day before taking his own life.
Answer: Goebbels, who was minister of propaganda, was named chancellor in Hitler’s will.
Adolf Hitler participating in a Nazi parade in Munich, Germany, circa 1930s.

Infamous Nazis

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Infamous Nazis
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