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Question: Athena was the Greek goddess of agriculture.
Answer: In ancient Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war.
Question: In Greek mythology, Cupid is the son of Apollo.
Answer: Cupid is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war. This is why the Greek mythological figure carries a bow and arrow.
Question: In mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse.
Answer: Pegasus was a winged horse of Greek myth. Astronomers later named a constellation after the steed.
Question: In the legends concerning the Trojan War, the Greek gods were neutral.
Answer: In the Trojan War, the gods were anything but neutral. Hera, Athena, and Poseidon supported the Greeks, while Aphrodite, Apollo, and Ares sided with the Trojans.
Question: Sparta was once captured by soldiers inside a wooden horse.
Answer: According to legend, Greek soldiers emerged from a wooden horse brought within the walls of Troy and captured the city, ending the Trojan War.
Question: Zeus was the chief god of the Greeks.
Answer: Zeus was the chief Olympian god. His name comes from an ancient Indo-European word that means "the shining one."
Question: In Greek myth, Orpheus descends into the underworld.
Answer: In Greek legend, Orpheus travels to the underworld to retrieve the spirit of his dead bride, Eurydice—unsuccessfully, as the story tells us!
Question: Pan was a god known only to the Greeks.
Answer: The Roman gods Faunus and Silvanus share many attributes of Pan and probably evolved from him. Some Christian depictions of the devil bear a striking resemblance to Pan, too.
Question: In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a tribe of women warriors.
Answer: In Greek mythology the Amazons were a nation of female warriors ruled by a queen. No man was permitted to dwell in their country, which was located on the south coast of the Black Sea.
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Greek Mythology and Legend: Fact or Fiction?

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