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Question: Tyrannosaurus rex was a fast runner.
Answer: T. rex, once thought to be a fast runner, probably moved at about an elephant’s speed—about 12.5 miles (20 kilometers) per hour at maximum.
Question: All dinosaurs were ferocious.
Answer: Although dinosaur means "terrible lizard," many of these early reptiles were not terrible at all. Some were only the size of rabbits, and many others were vegetarians.
Question: Complete dinosaur skeletons are quite common.
Answer: It is very unusual for scientists to be able to work with a complete dinosaur skeleton. Most dinosaurs are known from partial records, often very small bits of fossilized bone.
Question: Most plant-eating dinosaurs had no teeth.
Answer: Dinosaurs came equipped with teeth. The huge Barosaurus, an herbivore, had dozens; other herbivores had many hundreds of teeth!
Question: Dinosaurs existed for about 160 million years.
Answer: Dinosaurs first appeared about 225 million years ago and disappeared about 65 million years ago. Each individual species lived for about 3 million years.
Question: Dinosaur remains have been found only in North America.
Answer: Dinosaur remains have been found on every continent—including Antarctica. When dinosaurs lived, of course, the continents were not where they are today.
Question: Triceratops had few natural defenses.
Answer: Triceratops had formidable horns and an armorlike neck frill for both defense and attack. Many triceratops fossils show signs of wounds from those horns.
Two dinosaur heads showing feeding habits: meat eater ceratosaurus, plant eater psittacosaurus, dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction?

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Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction?
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