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Question: Crabs can live only in saltwater.
Answer: Crabs can be found in all oceans and in fresh water. Some crabs live on land, sometimes several miles from water.
Question: Crabs breathe through external tubes.
Answer: Crabs breathe by using gills. The gills of land crabs have developed in such a way that they act like lungs.
Question: All crabs are less than a foot long.
Answer: The giant crab of Japan can be more than 12 inches (30 centimeters) across and measure 13 feet (4 meters) from tip to tip of its outstretched legs.
Question: Most crabs are scavengers.
Answer: Most crabs are scavengers, meaning they eat dead or decaying material. Some crabs may feed on vegetable matter, and others eat small living animals.
Question: Hermit crabs live in borrowed houses.
Answer: Hermit crabs are known for their habit of taking over empty snail shells for shelter. A hermit crab drags the shell behind it as it walks about. As the crab grows larger, it seeks a larger shell.
Question: Crabs experience metamorphosis.
Answer: Young crabs go through a process called metamorphosis, during which they molt (shed their outer covering) many times. By the end of the process the crab has developed into its adult form.
Question: Every shell on a beach once contained an animal.
Answer: Every empty seashell on the beach once contained an animal known as a mollusk, such as a clam, oyster, scallop or mussel. Mollusks secrete calcium carbonate to form shells.
Dark-fingered coral crab in an Indo-Pacific coral reef. (coral reefs; endangered area; ocean habitat; sea habitat)

Crustaceans: Fact or Fiction?

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