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Question: By area, which of these regions makes up the largest part of Borneo?
Answer: Kalimantan, an Indonesian region, occupies the southern three-fourths of the island of Borneo.
Question: What is the body of water that separates Sarawak from Peninsular Malaysia?
Answer: Sarawak is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by some 400 miles (640 km) of the South China Sea.
Question: The Malaysian state of Sabah is also known as what?
Answer: In olden times, Sabah was known to Sulu pirates as the “Land Below the Wind” because of its position below the typhoon belt.
Question: By population, what is Borneo’s largest city?
Answer: Borneo’s most populous city is Samarinda, the capital of East Kalimantan.
Question: What is the official religion of the Sultanate of Brunei?
Answer: Brunei is an independent Islamic sultanate on the northern coast of Borneo, in Southeast Asia.
Question: What is Borneo’s highest mountain?
Answer: Mount Kinabalu, in Sabah, at an elevation of 4,101 metres, is the island’s greatest height and also the tallest peak in Malaysia.
Question: What are Sabah and Sarawak often collectively known as?
Answer: Sarawak and Sabah, two constituent states of Malaysia, are often collectively called East Malaysia.
Question: In Borneo and elsewhere in Asia, pencak silat is a popular type of what?
Answer: Pencak silat is a type of martial art that incorporates striking, grappling, throwing, and weaponry.
Tropical rainforest on the Sarawak river in Borneo, Malaysia.

Beautiful Borneo

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