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Question: In which year was women’s singles first played at the Australian Open?
Answer: Though the tournament commenced in 1905, the women’s singles event was not added until 1922.
Question: On which surface is the Australian Open currently played?
Answer: Originally a lawn tennis tournament, the Australian Open moved to a hard court surface in 1988 and to Plexicushion in 2008.
Question: Which player won Australian Open women’s singles titles in 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1977?
Answer: Goolagong Cawley won the women’s singles title four times.
Question: In which of these years was the Australian Open not played?
Answer: The tournament was not held in 1986, because the date of the event was changed from December to January.
Question: Which city has hosted the Australian Open since 1988?
Answer: The Australian Open is currently held at Melbourne Park.
Question: Which of these Australian tennis players had the nickname “Rabbit”?
Answer: Turnbull joined the professional tennis tour in 1975, and she quickly gained the nickname “Rabbit” because of her speed on the court.
Question: Who did Roger Federer defeat to win the 2018 Australian Open men’s singles title?
Answer: In a memorable final, Federer defeated Cilic in five sets: 6–2, 6–7(5), 6–3, 3–6, 6–1.
Question: The Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. In a calendar year, which of the “Slams” is played first?
Answer: The Slams are played annually in the following order: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open.
Question: Which of these players was disqualified from the Australian Open for misconduct?
Answer: On January 21, 1990, McEnroe was disqualified from the tournament for misconduct. He was the first player to have been disqualified from a Slam since Willie Alvarez at the French Open in 1963.
Question: After which Australian tennis legend is the center court at Melbourne Park named?
Answer: Born in Rockhampton, Queensland, Rod Laver is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He is the only male to win two calendar-year Grand Slams and is a three-time Australian Open men’s singles champion.
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