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Question: Which painter, known for landscapes and biblical themes, was an inspiration to many young artists associated with the Harlem Renaissance?
Answer: Henry Ossawa Tanner was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honor by the French government in 1923.
Question: Which sculptor is known for the poignant portrait bust Gamin (1929)?
Answer: Gamin is one of a limited number of extant sculptures by Augusta Savage, many of whose works were lost or destroyed.
Question: Which photographer created some of the most memorable images of the Harlem Renaissance?
Answer: James VanDerZee, who was one of the most successful photographers of the era, was not recognized by the greater art world until the late 1960s.
Question: Which sculptor impressed Auguste Rodin and anticipated the Harlem Renaissance with Ethiopia Awakening (1914)?
Answer: Meta Warrick Fuller went to Paris in 1899 and met Rodin a few years later.
Question: Which painter is best known for his depictions of black social life and jazz culture in vibrant city scenes?
Answer: A Guggenheim fellowship took Motley to Paris for a year, where he painted some of his best-known works showing Parisian nightlife.
Question: Which painter was influenced by African design elements as well as abstraction?
Answer: Lois Mailou Jones mastered several styles, including traditional landscapes, but later in her career abstraction and African design elements began to dominate her work.
Question: Which of the following is NOT a chief characteristic of the art of the Harlem Renaissance?
Answer: The art of the Harlem Renaissance did not focus mainly on landscape and biblical subjects.
Question: Which too-little-known sculptor examined issues of race and class in her portrait busts and other works?
Answer: May Howard Jackson never traveled to Europe for training, as many of her African American contemporaries had, but pursued her own vision.
Question: Who painted a series of murals collectively titled Aspects of Negro Life?
Answer: Aaron Douglas painted the series for the 135th Street Branch of the New York Public Library.
Question: Which medium was artist Hale Woodruff’s specialty?
Answer: Among his other paintings, Hale Woodruff made three noted mural series.
"Future Expectations" by James Van der Zee, c. 1925. James VanDerZee.

Art of the Harlem Renaissance

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Art of the Harlem Renaissance
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