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Question: What does Hitler’s byname “Der Führer” mean in English?
Answer: “Führer” means “leader” in English.
Question: What country was Hitler born in?
Answer: Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria.
Question: True or False: Hitler served in World War I.
Answer: Hitler was deployed to Belgium in 1914 and served throughout the war.
Question: Where did Hitler write Mein Kampf?
Answer: Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while serving a prison sentence after the Munich Putsch.
Question: Which country did Hitler’s Germany invade first?
Answer: Under Hitler’s command, Germany invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, and then Poland.
Question: How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?
Answer: Some 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.
Question: True or False: Hitler married his wife, Eva Braun, before becoming Chancellor of Germany.
Answer: Hitler and Braun were married the day before their deaths.
Question: How did Hitler die?
Answer: Adolf Hitler shot himself on April 30, 1945. His wife, Eva Braun, took poison.
Adolf Hitler, giving Nazi salute. To Hitler's right is Rudolph Hess. 1939.

Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler
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